This picture is a little bit of an anomaly.  Amongst all the brightly coloured screen prints the mono coloured nature of this etching almost stands out more!

Whilst I'm not normally that taken by etching - each to their own - I found the process of creating this image quite fabulous.

Learning from illustrator and printmaker Mariann Johansen-Ellis at her studio in Mijas, this was (and still remains) one of only two etchings I have undertaken.

The copper plate I started with already had a couple of scratches on it.  These marks informed my decision to create this print.  I created two version of the print, a dark blue version, and this burnt umber version.

The aquatint clouds in the background where fun to do, the abstraction contrasts with the detail of the birds on a wire. 



  • 2012, Etching
  • 150x180mm. Printed on 300gsm Canaletto.
  • Edition Of 4