If you're lucky, a walk can encompass all the elements in one day.  The Kenmere Horsehoe is one of those day expeditions that throws all the weather conditions at you, some times at the same time.

This picture is taken from the furthest extent of the horseshoe.  Having started in the tiny hamlet of Kentmere I scaled Kentmere Pike and Harter Fell in not very quick succession.  The view onto High Street and down to Haweswater Reservoir is quite something, and slowed me down a little en-route (honest).  This view is from the way down off Harter Fell, just as you turn to make the return journey along the easterly flank of the ridge that includes Frostwick and Ill Bell.

It's an exhausting day out.  Well worth it for the views of Morecambe Bay on the return leg, and also for the sense of isolation.  The twice I have done this walk I haven't seen anyone all day.  Perfect.

The print itself is surreal selection of colours, used mainly to brighten up what was originally a dull image.  I love the deep red, mid green and bottle green in combination.