This Peak District landmark is situated on moorland near Carl Wark overlooking the Derwent River valley.  The layered weathering of the rock is characteristic of the gritstone found across the region.

I have fond memories of exploring this region when growing up, with Mother Cap and the nearby gritstone edges a favourite playground for my friends and I.

This print is created using 5 colours.  It was originally meant to be 6, but one of the colours was eventually left out as it didn't add anything to the finished image.

I've started to use a 'stippled' effect to create shaded tone.  This is the first print where I am happy with the effect.  You can see the 'halftone' created in the clouds and the shaded areas of the rock face. 

Mother Cap (detail) - Screen Print by James Bywood
Mother Cap (detail) - Screen Print by James Bywood