Based on an image I was commissioned to produce for The Saltaire Review earlier this year, this image is my take on the much-documented Salts Mill. The building in question is the magnificent centre piece of the model industrial village of Saltaire. Sandwiched somewhere between Leeds and Bradford, Saltaire is a fascinating example of a Victorian village created to house the workers of the mill. Rather than cram many families into inadequate tenement housing, Sit Titus Salt - owner of Salts Mill - decided upon the fairly unique idea of providing quality social housing, and community buildings for the mill workers.

The mill itself dominates the landscape, with its huge chimney visible from miles around. Due to it's grand captivating nature it has been the subject of many artists paintings. I hope that my take adds a unique take, placing the building in waning twilight, with the highly recognisable chimney captured in silouette.

This image is only three colours. It goes to show, with astute choice of subject and colours you can create a very striking image.